Friday, November 1, 2013

Five for Friday!

This was a great week!  So many happy activities in First Grade this week!  I love busy, busy weeks, but boy are they exhausting!  Whew!

So here are my Five for Friday:

1.  Tuesday I attended a CCSS training with my teaching partners!  I don't typically like going to these "teacher trainings"but this one was different!  First, I attended WITH my team so we could discuss while we were there.  This was the first of the 3 trainings and as such was an introduction to the CCSS.  It was great!

2.  Wednesday was the 50th Day of school!  Need I say more?  We had so much fun celebrating the 50th day and 1950s.  This was our first year to celebrate this fun day and we did it in a big way!

So fun!  The kids loved it!

And  Thursday was Halloween...So we got to dress up not once this week, but TWICE!  

3.  I stayed home and passed out candy this year! 

 My husband walked the neighborhood with my daughters.  They are 13 and still get into it!  I love it!

Sherlock, Goldfish Cracker and FBI Agent!  Too cute!

I had two firsties come by and had a "special" treat for them.  This was my little helper in her BumbleBee Costume...complete with blinking wings!
This is my buddy, Brandy!  She helped pass out candy!

 My kiddos have severe allergies to this made my day!  Thank you Tootsie Roll!
This made my day!  I love it when companies explicitly label!
4.  I just finished 18 parent conferences!  TGIF!
5.  And my 5th is a biggie....Get ready for the Next Facebook Frenzy~

Have a great weekend!  I'm heading to SF to visit my oldest in college!  Yay!

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