Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spotlight Students!

Star Attraction!  Student of the Week!  Beary Special Person!  Whatever we call it, it's one of those things that we have to do!  Each year we begin the year wanting to "highlight" one student a week and integrate it into our week!  And then reality hits and it become a chore!

I don't want any student to feel like they are not as special as the first etc...

This year our school wide theme is "Reaching for the Stars!"  We put the "Hollywood" spin on this and ran with it.  From our "popcorn" tubs at Daily 5 to our recess being called "intermission"!  It's been a fun theme.  So when it came time for "Student of the Week" we wanted to make it special.

We found these posters at the local Teacher Supply Store .
 They were perfect for our theme and for our first graders.  Each child took home a poster and decorated it.  Then these became our room decor after our big move into our temporary buildings.  It really gave the rooms a good look and the kids had immediate ownership!

Each week two students get to share the Spotlight!  They share their posters and get to be interviewed by their classmates.  Then we share "compliments" about the "spotlight" students!  Instead of making a book for each student, we are making movie!  Well, a film!  Ok, it only looks like film.

The "Spotlight" Person gets to decorate the "cover"!

An amazing crafty parent at our school, just happened to have 60 empty ribbon rolls!  Who knew one would keep these, but I'm glad she did!  She just knew they looked like something the first grade teachers could use!  And use them we are!  They are perfect for creating a "movie".  
Each student completes one page.  They write a compliment about the "Spotlight" Student!  The pages are glued together and the cover attached.  Then the strip is attached to the reel! becomes a movie about the child!

That's it for now...Thanks for reading!

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