Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Help Henry Fundraiser - More amazing products!

Here is a preview of some more amazing products available in the fundraiser!

 You will not be disappointed with any of the 30 products you will download!  Your $20 donation will help out a little boy who is undergoing plasma infusions and physical therapy!  You can read about Henry on his Facebook page, Healing4Henry!

These are some of the great centers included! 
1. Creating a new word by changing the beginning sounds, 2. True or False math basic facts (addition and subtraction), 3. Vowel sounds- what's missing, 4. Let's make 10, 5. Sight Word Puzzles, 6. Base 10 Practice.  This packet has 40 pages of 6 wonderful centers. 

Alison from Ms. Lilypad's Primary Pond is after my own heart with her froggy theme!  She donated her Life Cycle Bundle to the fundraiser!  Wow!  Four different mini-units for your science themes! 

Next up, Laura Ado of The First Grade Spies, has donated her Language Arts Kindness Unit!
This unit features:
10 Keys to a Kind Classroom posters
2 different author’s message student response sheets
Kindness follow up worksheet
List of books that promote kindness
Acts of Kindness class book

Please visit these women's stores and take a peek at their products!  I am so appreciative of their donations to this fundraiser for Henry!  Please consider making your small $20 donation for Henry and you can have these products and 27 more!  Over $100 worth of products!  

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