Tuesday, April 15, 2014

And this Bundle just keeps getting better...

Hi Friends,

So we've shown you 25 amazing products so far!  And they just keep coming...Remember you get all of these products, 30 in all, just for donating $20 to help a little boy!  Henry is a sweet little 

What's included:
~Lily pad and frog tens and ones practice
~Counting by 10s practice
~Decomposing teen numbers with ladybugs
~Buzzin through the 2s with bees
~Where is the bee? Emergent reader with positional practice
~7 Math Word Problems
~Which Number is Greater (0-10)
~Count to 100 by 1s~ Writing #s Practice
~Addition within 5
~Subtraction within 5
~Name the Number that is one more
~Count and Match Numbers
~Represent Numbers as 10s and 1s
~This Bee Knows 3D
~Greater than, Less than, or Equal to?
~What's Next? Write the numbers that come next

Mr. Elementary from Oregon has donated a set of his flashcards!  You have to head over to his store to see his assortment of flashcard games! 

This is a set of 32 opposites flashcards that you can use with your students while learning opposites. These cards are a fun way for students to memorize and conceptualize the concept of not just different, but opposites.

Jordan over at Teaching in the Primary Grades has a cute blog you'll want to check out for sure!  And this adorable game is perfect for practicing time with your students!

Your students will love learning to tell time with this fun "I Have Who Has" game. This game is aligned to the first grade common core (1.MD.B.3.) and reviews telling time to the hour and half hour on both analog and digital clocks. 

In this download you will receive 24 different game cards (enough for 24 players) and game instructions. 

Scoot is an exciting way to get your class moving and working at the same time. 
This product includes word cards for beginning blends and diagraphs.  This product includes the following blends and digraphs!

l- blends: fl, cl, gl, sl, pl, bl
r- blends: br, tr, gr, dr, cr, fr, pr
s- blends: sn, sm, sk, sw, sc, st, sp
diagraphs: sh, th, wh, ch

And last but NOT LEAST is a donation from my co-worker and great friend, Renee!  She is the blogger behind Fantastic First Grade Froggies and the creator of Find, Tally and Graphs!  This is a popular activity in our classrooms!  You should definitely head over to her blog and her store to check out what she's been up to! 

I want to thank all of the fantastic bloggers and creative teachers that donated their products to this fundraiser!  I hope you will support them and also head over to our fundraiser site and make a donation to Help Henry!  If you aren't able to donate $20, you can donate any amount at our blog.  Just click the "donate" button!  All donations go into a special "paypal" account that is separate from our TpT store and all proceeds will go to Henry!  


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