Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring Writing

This is a fun writing prompt for Spring!  I make jelly bean templates and put them in my writing tubs with colored construction paper.  The students trace and cut out a jelly bean shape.

This shape becomes the focus of an illustration that CANNOT be a jelly bean!  It's so fun to see the wheels start to turn and watch my kiddos use their creative juices!  We then write to one of these prompts...

A jelly bean is not a jelly bean when it's a _________________.

This is not a jelly bean! It's a ______________.

Then we had to decide what our jelly bean, wasn't!  Each child created a picture using the shape and completed the frame sentence:

My kiddos had so much fun with this little writing assignment that I'm thinking about adding to independent literacy tubs for the remainder of the year.  I'll add different shapes each week and let their imaginations go wild!

 And of course, my personal favorite....MARIO!

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