Monday, March 21, 2016

The Magic Egg!

I want to share a little art project I enjoy doing with my kiddos every Spring!   Like most great projects, we start with a wonderful book!

After reading about Babushka and her beautiful eggs, we make our own! 

We start with a plain circle and draw shapes and squiggles.  Then we colore each shape or space a different color.  We try not to have two touching spaces be the same color. 

Then we carefully cut the circle into strips about the same width as our pinky fingers.  We make about 6 cuts, which gave us 7 strips!  We cut the strips over our background paper so they fall in order on the paper.  Then we glue them down onto the background paper, leaving small spaces in between each strip!
Viola!  A circle becomes an magic!

These cuties wanted to make a second "magic egg" and work together!

I'd love to know if you try this art activity and how it goes for your students!

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