Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Writing

I'm so glad you joined the Blog Hop!  I absolutely love Spring!  It's my favorite season!  I have a fun little freebie for you below!  I like to use "Fix-its" for daily practice in my classroom!  My firsties need all the practice they can get with capitals and punctuation!  (Sometimes I definitely feel like a broken record!)

I like to use "Fix-its" for the conventions practice, handwriting and illustrating components!  I often put these in my Word Work tubs since they take a bit longer than a quick morning activity!  But like I said, my firsties need lots of practice so.....

I created these little "Quick Fixes"!  These are intended to be quick morning work...just read and copy the sentence adding missing capitals and punctuation!  No illustrating!  I've only created a few themes, but have plans for insects and rainforest before the end of the school year!  Check them out here!  These are on sale during the hop, too!

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