Saturday, June 18, 2016

Direct Drawing with Students

I love to do directed draws with my students....except I'm not the best artist.  I know we teach our kids that we are all great artists, but really, I just can't!  I've found a way around it!  I discovered an amazing website during this last school year!  I have to share it with you!   But, I'll give you a fair warning...once you introduce this to your students, they'll want more!  The artist behind this channel is a father and he draws with his kids during the videos!  The great thing about it is he draws the picture step by step, right along with his kids.  There are natural pauses in the video so your students can draw right along with the video!  When we do this in my classroom, it is SILENT!

New videos are posted daily throughout the week and this artist is current!  He just posted "How to Draw Dory!"

 Click the picture below to head over to this YouTube Channel. 

 Art for Kids Hub is a website also!  

If YouTube is blocked at your school site, you can use SafeShare to create a safe link!  I like to use SafeShare simply because it eliminates the ads from the sidebar!  

Check out the channel this summer so you can plan how to incorporate some fun art into your lessons!  Have Fun!  I've even been know to play these art lessons at home with my teenage daughters!  

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