Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Digital Portfolios - Techy Tuesday

Welcome to Techy Tuesday!  I do need to make a little disclaimer  here:  I am not a Techy Teacher, BUT I love discovering and learning how to include purposeful technology in my classroom!  What better time to explore than during the summer!

Let's start with Digital Portfolios:

Our students create amazing projects to demonstrate their learning.  A Digital Portfolio is an electronic collection of student work and performance over time.  Portfolios make classroom learning more accessible to parents by providing a window into student learning. 

Last year I used the app, FreshGrade, to keep digital portfolios of my students' work.  This app was also wonderful for increasing school to home communication.  This app is extremely easy to use!  I took pictures of my students and their work throughout the day.  Parents were able to have a window into their child's school world immediately!

Last week I discovered another app with a similar purpose.   SeeSaw appears to be well suited for Primary!  This app is user friendly for teachers and students.  In addition to keeping student work in digital portfolios, parents are notified each time a new item is added and can immediately leave comments.  Students can add their own work, pictures, or videos and after teacher approval is posted!  And it works with IOS and Android!  This app also has a classroom blog feature!

Have you used either of these apps?  Do you have any other discoveries?  Please leave a comment with your favorite apps for digital portfolios!

Check back each Tuesday this summer to discover a Technology Tidbit!  Take the time to explore and become familiar with some new apps to include in your classroom next year!

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