Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Scoop

I'm linking up with The Teaching Trio to share my Sunday Scoop! 

I'm getting ready for 2 vacations and have so much to do!  3 things I HAVE to do today...

  1. The never ending pile of laundry...except it has to get done so it can go in the suitcase!
  2. Which leads me to my second HAVE to...pack!  I have to fit 2 weeks worth of clothes into 1 suitcase...times 4 girls!  YIKES!  
  3. I really don't want to leave the house a wreck (which is its current state)!  My poor husband does not get to go with us for our trip back home.  He doesn't get summers off :(  Straightening the house all day!
I'm hoping to grab some time to enjoy some coffee with my BFFs before I leave for two weeks.  I know it's supposed to be 2 things I hope to do, but I am hoping to get coffee with both of my BFFs!  I need a little grown up conversation time and want to connect with them before I leave!

And last, but not least...Father's Day!  We are huge Disney Fans and haven't been able to carve out time for the new Dory movie!  So, Happy Father's Day!  We're going to the movie!  I'm pretty sure he's just as excited as we should be a fun time!  I can't wait for him to open his present...the girls picked out a Steph Curry Warriors Blanket!  LOL!

What is on your to do list for Sunday?

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