Saturday, March 9, 2013

Busy, busy weekend!

I just finished my 2nd trimester report cards!  Whew!  Report cards always take so much time, I dread them, and then I have such a feeling of accomplishment when I am finished!  I really enjoy taking my time with each student's report card and thinking about each student's individual progress.  I know that sounds fairly obvious, but it is really easy to get caught up in planning, prepping, teaching, repeat...and not focusing on individuals.

So here is Project #2 for the Pinspired Linky :

Isn't this the cutest?!
  I absolutely want my firsties to make this, but I'm waiting until around Earth Day to let the Lorax out of the bag!  There is just so much to do with Dr. Seuss that I have to spread it throughout March and then we'll get to have more fun in April!  If you click on the link above, it will take you Danielle's Place, and she has so many cute Dr. Seuss crafts for young children!    So remember Earth Day, April 22!

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