Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pinspired Linky!

I've linked up with Mrs. Sheehan at Learning in Wonderland, for a Pinterest Inspired Linky!  Sounds fun, right?  I can't wait to share my favorite pins with y'all and see what other pinners share.  Please join by visiting her blog and linking up with us!

In addition to linking up, I'm making a commitment to actually try one of my many "Pinned" ideas each week!  I feel like all I do is "Pin"great ideas, and now I'm going to use them!  Don't get me wrong. I do refer to my boards on Pinterest, but I don't use the ideas like I'd like to.  I really want to stretch my creativity in the classroom.  So there you go!  It's out there!  I've publicly committed to being more creative of a copycat!  HA!

To get started, here is Pinterest Project #1DSCN1509

I would really like to try this for Mother's Day!  I have the best group of parents this year and I think they would get a real kick out of this!  It's so cute!  


  1. Hi Susan! I found ya from A Series of 3rd Grade Events' giveaway! I loooove that Pinterest pin you featured - how adorable would that be for mother's day, parent's day, grandparent's day, etc? So many opportunities to showcase such a cute project. Looking forward to reading more of what you post!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  2. This is such a cute idea! You can tie it into the curriculum, it's fun, and the parents would love it!
    Thanks for linking up :)