Saturday, August 24, 2013

Five for Friday...A day late...

Well, my Five for Friday post is a day late!  But, I'm making a commitment to try and post a Five for Friday every week, so I'm keeping my commitment!  :0)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching...

1.  I dropped my daughter off at SFSU on Sunday!  It was an exciting and sad day!

This is her dorm room.  It's small, but looks nice with her personal touches!

Tearful hug goodbye with Dad!

Nobody took our picture, so here's my mom sticker I proudly display!
These girls are going to miss their big sis like nobody's business!

 We all miss her!

2.  Monday was the last day before school started to get my room ready!  I have to say this is my favorite School-wide Theme!  I love the way my room looks this year!


 3.  My Erin Condren planner finally arrived!  I have to admit I was jealous that my teaching partner, Renee, got hers before me, but that's ok.  Our other team member, Karin, has been having quite a hard time so we made sure she had one too!  A little love from her team!

We are so silly!

4.  Oh, yeah, and I did teach this week!  I have a fun little group!  There are some wigglers, some silly gooses and some squirrels, but aren't there always!  We had a fun time learning (attempting to learn) procedures, listening to stories and doing some fun crafts!    But, alas, I didn't take any pictures!

We used Renee's Jitterbug Unit, which was totally fun!

5.  And I'm thrilled to say that we are going to visit my DD,  Nicole, today!  She needs to get set up for classes tomorrow and needs a little family support! It has only been a week and I can't wait to see her.  HOW.AM.I.GOING.TO.MAKE.IT?

So that's it!  I'll try to post class updates next week, but I'll promise to be back for Friday!

Have a great week!

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