Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Great Classroom Makeover!

I was in my classroom last week to try and get ready before my report date next week!  Well, I'm not sure why every year I tear up the room, purge, rearrange and come up with something totally different!  I am really purging this year.  I think it's due to technology and realizing that all of that stuff in my file cabinet, has been there forever!  Untouched!  My go to resources are online!  I don't even look in that file cabinet anymore...Pinterest is my file cabinet!  So here are some in progress pictures:

So it's definitely a work in progress.  I have so much to do .  There are school supplies and "junk" on top of all of the tables!  

This is my new 60 inch flat screen TV!  (I don't even have one that big at my house.)  I love this TV and have been asking for one for so long!  But it had to be hung by the computer so I had to have it by my desk and right on top of one of my only bulletin boards!  :( 

 This is my library!  I do actually love this!  I still have to straighten it up, but I love the carpet (Walmart $19)!
 These three cabinets were not my choice. My former principal ordered them for all of us who requested storage (yuck).  They store my math supplies, craft stuff and theme stuff.  They used to be all next to each other along one wall.  The custodian is awesome and helped me stack the two on the end to make for floor space!  I have all of my shelves and cabinets along the perimeter of my room now which allows for lots of floor space!
I moved this long blue shelf below my long bulletin board.  It will house my math tubs.  The smaller shelf on top will hold my construction paper.

It's coming together, but it's a process!  I'll be up there tomorrow finishing up!  :)

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